Lasse Reinstroem - Razputiza CD (Pappschuber) + Sticker

Psychedelic Rock, Kraut Doom, Noise Rock
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NEW CD LASSE REINSTROEM - RASPUTIZA CD (im Pappschuber + Sticker) Das neue Album der dunklen Wucht aus Dresden: Psychedelic Rock trifft auf krautigen Doom, trifft auf noisigen Stoner, trifft auf atmosphärische Dunkelheit. Teils mit Choralgesang, immer experimentel und einnehmend. Genauere Beschreibung folgt! Named after the Russian word for the time in between seasons when conditions are particularly muddy from thawing snow and rain, Lasse Reinstroems latest album 'Rasputzia' perfectly encapsulates this atmosphere on the 8 new tracks. Incorporating the typical varied manner of the band, with psychedelic sounds merging into Krautrock and dense energetic rock, this is sure to catch the attention of modern and classic rock fans alike! Lasse Reinstroem: Christian Brähler, Anja Schiebert, Stefan Pötzsch, Scott McLean Featured Musicians: Amaya Lopéz-Carromero (Lead Vocals ⁵) Andrew Shipley (Bass⁷, Backing Vocals² ³ ⁴ ⁷) Andy Martin (Lead Guitar ⁵) Mandy Bothe (Backing Vocals⁴ ⁷) Christoph Arndt (Backing Vocals ² ³ ⁷) Daniela Merker (Backing Vocals ² ⁶) Michael Zahnweh (Sitar ⁸) Dirk Z. (Technical Support @ Hellerau) Boat Song written by Uwe Oppelt, Amaya & Stefan Otherwise written, performed and produced by Lasse Reinstroem @ Festspielhaus Hellerau & Triebwerk; Dresden 2019. Recorded & mixed by Scott McLean. Mastered by Brad Boatright, Audiosiege, Portland/Oregon.
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