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The Trashmints - Selftitled LP

Beluga Records
Garage, Punkrock, Bluespunk, Sixties-Punk
Sofort lieferbar
Lockdown saw the emptying of many glory boxes, as musicians deprived of an outlet dug into their lost archives. One such box contained The TashMints' unreleased record from 2009, featuring a swag of tunes written by Link McClennan, and a couple of covers (The Gun Club & The InCrowd). Featuring members from a coterie of Melbourne bands: The Meanies, Bindi, Mach Pelican, Sore Eyes, Stoneage Romeos and The Breadmakers, The TashMints coalesced in 2008, recorded the LP in 2009, then disbanded abruptly in 2010. They played a lot of live shows over that period, and plan to do so again with the 2022 release. Sleeve design by artist Sora Mizusawa (from the Japanese band Gimmes).
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